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The Theory Bundle

The Theory

is not your average instrument refill. It’s an idea refill, a scale & chord resource, a midi score checker, and a music theory teaching tool for Reason 6 or Reason 5 and Record 1.5

The Theory II - Arcanum

continues where The Theory left off, by including every possible scale and all the chords that match them. It’s likely there are scales in this refill that no one’s ever written songs in.

76 Reason 6 song files or
Reason and Record song files, 76 for each program.

286 Reason 6 song files or 572 Reason 5 and Record 1.5 song files, 286 for each program.

The Reason 6 Theory bundle: 362 song files & 2 pdfs - 316mb

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More on Arcanum

The Reason 5 Theory bundle: 724 song files & 2 pdfs - 386mb

Introduction PDF - View/Download

Reason Refill: The AutoTheory
Reason Refill: The Theory II - Arcanum
Reason Refill: The Theory

The AutoTheory Bundles

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Reason 6.5& up

The Autotheory bundle: 231 Autotheory patches, 362 song files & 2 pdfs - 319mb

is a refill for Pitchblende's excellent Rack Extension of the same name. This refill is meant as a compliment to the first two Theory refills.

150 patches for the eleven 7-note scales. including "Greek" modes. 55 patches for five 6-note scales. 26 patches for five pentatonic scales.

The AutoTheory

More on The Autotheory

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