To those of you who participated or are purchasing...

Thank you. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into on this one and you made it a much easier project to work on and bring to completion. It was very refreshing to know that even the few of us that could be considered each other’s competition didn’t take a moment’s pause before jumping right in. It speaks to your character and to the impact James has had on the Reason community.

To those of you who purchase the refill, thank you as well.

Know that you’ve done something very good for someone today.

Refill: Bernard Childcare Trust

The Bernard Childcare Trust Refill is a collaborative effort between six refill producers with the goal of passing all proceeds on to the Bernard family, who experienced a tragedy in July, 2011. Most of you know James from his helpful videos on the propellerhead youtube channel, where he spreads tips and clever ways to use Reason.

The contributors to this project were

Nicholas: DrDist/Odarmonix,

Ed: Bauman Productions,

Marco: Koshdukai’s Music(al) Reason(Ing)


Robb: Reason Patch-A-Day,

and myself, with special e-commerce help from

Theo (New Atlantis Audio):

Inside you’ll find

47 Combinators
54 Thors
6 Kongs
108 Samples
41 NN19s

16 Malstroms
13 Subtractors
15 Effects, and
4 Rex loops

A quick little demo song

Here are a few posts about the refill and it’s creation:

The Bernard Childcare Trust Refill

Introducing Bernard Childcare Trust

On the Propellerhead Forum

Available for download:


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End User Agreement: All material available on this site is copyrighted, unless otherwise indicated. Redistribution of these files is prohibited without prior written consent. End user is granted non-exclusive license to use the samples and patches for original works of music.


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