Newest Refill - The AutoTheory

The AutoTheory is a refill for Pitchblende's excellent Rack Extension of the same name. While this refill is meant as a compliment to the first two Theory refills, those are in no way a requirement. As long as you own the rack extension, this refill will be useful to you.


Inside, you'll find 2 patches--triads and extended chords--for each of most modes of the 21 included scales. That's 231 Autotheory patches comprised of:
150 patches for the eleven 7-note scales. including "Greek" modes.
55 patches for five 6-note scales.
26 patches for five pentatonic scales.

Included Scales

7-note scales:
Ascending Melodic Minor
Blues Variation 1
Double Harmonic Major
Harmonic Major
Harmonic Minor
Hungarian Major
Neapolitan Major
Neapolitan Minor

Augmented/6-Tone Symmetrical
Prometheus Neapolitan
Two-Semitone Tritone
Major/Minor Pentatonic
Pelog 2

Available for download:


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Reason 6.5 and up

Or, pick up The AutoTheory Bundle including The Theory and The AutoTheory and save 18% from the price of all three.

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All material available on this site is copyrighted, unless otherwise indicated. Redistribution of these files is prohibited without prior written consent. End user is granted non-exclusive license to use the samples and patches for original works of music.

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Try it out: Download a sampling of the patches included in The AutoTheory.