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1985 is a Thor-based refill for Reason version 4.0, and the first refill available in the Historical Refill Series, a set based on the instruments used to top the charts over the last 30 years.

109 Foundation instrument patches - Each of the instruments used in combinators are also saved separately in order to make it easier for you to customize and use them in entirely different ways.

146 fully programmed combinator patches: 106 tweaked to match the sounds of the time period, and 40 “experiment” patches that expand upon these instruments.

27 Effects - RV7000 and Scream


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Part 2

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Refill: 1985

You sometimes see people trying to find out what instrument was used in a particular song and asking how to reproduce it. This series of refills is the answer to those questions: if the song made it on the top 40 charts and uses interesting instruments that can be synthesized, you’ll likely find it in the refill for the corresponding year.
The basic patches are constructed as simply as possible in order to maintain minimum CPU usage while still attaining the intended sound. Also in each refill is an “Experiments” folder where you’ll find instruments you won’t recognize from the Top 40, but that use the basic instruments as their starting points.
These are Thor-based refills with the exception of a few patches, useable with reason version 4.0 and higher.

Historical Refill Series

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